Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

New Account

Q. How do I Create an Account with AlmaJewelry.com ?

A: To open an account with AlmaJewelry please contact us.

Q. How do I place an order?

A: Once you open an account with AlmaJewelry you will receive information about placing orders on our website.

Q. When adding items to my shopping cart, my cart remains empty.

A. To add items to your shopping cart you must enable the cookie option in your browser.
In order to do so, please follow these instructions:

If you are using Microsoft Explorer please go to:
Tools -> Internet options -> Privacy -> Set Privacy level to Medium.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox please go to:
Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cookies -> Allow sites to set cookies.

Order Process

Q. How do I add an item to an order that I already placed?
A. Once you complete an order you cannot add more items to it. However, if you place another order within 24 hours of the first one you can request that both orders be sent together and you will be refunded for one of the shipping charges. Please contact our customer service department with both order IDs in order to combine orders.
Note that this may delay shipment of the first order as even if those items are ready we will only ship both orders together once they are both complete.

Payment Policy

Q. Which payment methods are available on your site?

A: At Alma Jewelry we accept all major credit cards and payments made through PayPal. Payment must be made in full before shipment.

Q. Why do I need to checkout with PayPal when I purchase from your site? I don't have a PayPal account.

A: In order to secure your payment details we do not process payments via our server but use PayPal instead. If you do not already have a PayPal account you are able to create one at checkout and to pay on PayPal with your credit card.

Q. receive a message that my card has been declined

A. If you receive a message that your card was declined, please check your billing information for accuracy. Keep in mind that your billing information (name, street address, and zip code) MUST match what your card-issuing bank has on file, or your transaction will be declined, even if you have enough funds in your account to pay for the order. (The shipping address has no effect on whether your card is approved or declined.)

Q. I have a PayPal account but I cannot complete payment

A: For more information, please use the link below
PayPal Help

Q. I am having trouble completing payment via PayPal. Can you help me with the payment process?

A: If for some reason you cannot complete your payment, please send us an email with your order details and we will send you an email with a payment request.
Q: Is there another way to make a payment on your site?

A: Money transfer is another option to pay for your order. If you choose to do so, please contact us and we will send you an email with the required information and instructions on how to complete payment.

Shipping Policy

Q. What is your shipping policy and what are the charges?

A. AlmaJewelry.com is able to ship to all international locations.
To view the different time frames and prices please Click Here

Q: How do I check the status of my order?

A. We will send an email notification the day your order has been shipped with a confirmation of shipment and a tracking number where applicable. This gives you the ability to track your order through the carrier until it reaches you or your recipient's doorstep.

Q: What about Customs/VAT/Taxes?

A: We do not charge VAT or taxes. Please note that different counties have different laws regarding the import of silver and gold jewelry. Before you choose the shipping method it is important that you check this with your local post office regarding additional fees that you will be charged when collecting the package. Any local VAT or taxes is the customer's responsibility. Alma Jewelry will not refund this charge.

Q: What is drop shipping?

A: Drop shipping enables us to send the package directly from to your end customer. In this way the delivery time to your customer is expedited. Items in a drop ship account entail an extra handling fee. For more info contact our Customer Service Team.
Please note that there are no invoices or marketing materials added to the package. The items are packed with blank materials, and the invoice is sent to you by email (PDF file). You are also able to change your account to regular wholesale or vice versa at any time.

Q: What are shipping times during the holiday season?

A: Shipping times may change before major holidays. Make sure to read our newsletters and the information we post on the website for updates.


Q: Do you offer gift messages or gift-wrapping?

A: You may order a Gift Note and Gift box by clicking on the "Add Gift Package" icon next to the products icons in the shopping cart.

Q: How can I promote the products?

A: For online stores we have pictures of our products that are available for download at the following link

You can also use the photos from the AlmaJewelry website to show your clients or take pictures of the products yourself.

Q: Is there a catalogue that I can use to show my customers?

A: Yes, please “click here” for our full catalogue, which you can easily download, or print and display in your store for your customers.


Q: For Foreign language jewelry which language I use to place my order?

A: We offer a variety of necklaces and bracelets in different languages. For all languages, please write the inscription in the foreign font of the language you want.

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